August TLC News

Welcome to all the TLC members of the world.

Here is the news:

We are having our August Summer movie night on August 4th which is a Tuesday night at the home of Richard Webster.

His address is this: 6241 SW 78th street South Miami, Fla. 33143 #211

He will send an email of the movie choices for the month. Please RSVP and vote for the film you wish to witness.

This is a free event for all members. Refreshments are served.


Now, the club will be getting a group together to see Married Life at the Miracle Theater on Thurs. Aug. 6th. Please let us know if you are interested. You are on your own to purchase the tickets but we will meet and discuss as a group. Please RSVP to this email if you plan to come.


We will be going to Venetian Pool on Sat Sept. 5th for our end of the summer day! Please let us know if you wish to come by RSVP ASAP!


TBA August Happy Hour tentative for August 8th. TLC elections coming soon!


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