July News

We on the board of TLC hope you have been having a relaxing summer.  We have a few announcements that we are most excited about.  First off, the club is truly starting to grow at a great capacity.  We are very excited about the wonderful new relationships we have made in the community via our charity work as well as the numbers we have been bringing to local restaurants.  The board is planning our most memorable Fall season ever!  We know you will be truly happy with our scheduled events which will include monthly happy hours, theater events, trips to festivals such as the renaissance fair and of course our holiday and elections party.  In light of the rising cost of running such a group, the board has made the decision to raise the cost of membership from $15 to $20 a year.  This cost change will take place one month from this newsletter mailing.  This decision was not reached lightly however.  As our group has grown and our numbers at such things such as our monthly happy hours has increased, it is simply not possible to operate and provide the wonderful experience we wish to at the prior cost.  However, in an effort to be fair to our longtime members…we will allow anyone who wishes to either join or renew for the next year the chance to do so at the current price of $15 as long as you do so on or before Aug. 15th 2012!!!  That is right!  Even if you have already paid for 2012…you can pay for 2013 at the current price of $15 bucks and not have to pay again until Dec. 2013!!!  We are confident you will be happy with our Fall programming and look forward to seeing you at our July Happy Hour!

The Board of the Theater and arts Lovers Community.

Need to pay your dues…NO PROBLEM!!!  Send a check made out to: The Theater Lovers Community and send it to:
6241 SW 78th Street #211 South Miami Fl. 33143  c/o Richard Webster

Have an idea for a great event?  Not on our board? No problem.  We love ideas.  This is your TLC.  Just simply reply to this email with your idea and our board will bring it up ASAP!


July Happy Hour:  Date and Time: Sat. July 21st 2012.
Location: Fritz and Franz Bierhaus
60 Merrick Way
Coral Gables, FL 33134
The happy hour will run from 6:30-9pm.

Join the TLC for a night in old world Germany!  Great appetizers will be provided to paid members!

Please RSVP any events you have interest in as it helps us plan the best to serve you.


We were sad to hear of the passing of two entertainment greats…one with a connection to TLC.  First Mr. Richard Dawson passed away. We were honored to have a piece of Dawson memorabilia donated  at a TLC Talent Show three years ago.  This contribution helped raise funds for the USO. We were grateful for this help and saddened now by his passing.

Also, Mr. Ernest Borgnine passed away.  Borgnine was a true Hollywood star of literally hundreds of films.

Both stars will be missed.


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