And just like that, summer is here!  We wish to start off by saying what a wonderful event our 13th annual Charity Talent Show turned out to be.  It was, without a doubt our best one in at least 12 years and perhaps ever!  Much thanks to all the great talent who came out and of course to all of you who came out and supported the performers and of course our two great charities, Dora and the USO.  Much thanks to Joseph Sosa for coming out and talking about what his foundation does and a special thank you to Mr. Art Bivins who makes running the show look easy!  It is not! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Anielya Wells-Miller for winning this year’s show!  You were fantastic!  But now on to other things!

You all know that in South Florida things quiet down a lot in summer.  That is never the case with TLC.  First, on June 12th we will have a country western night happy hour so put a pair of blue jeans on and dust off your stetson for some good ole fashioned fun!  Check out the list of events below but please check for updates throughout the summer on both our website as well as in future emails.

On Aug. 5th we will have TLC elections, music, food and best of all we will present our check to the Mami Dora Foundation.  Please mark your planner now and don’t miss this great evening of fun!!!!

Last summer we had a couple of Thursday night happy hours which were very popular.  This year we plan the same.  Check your July and Aug. Newsletters for more info on dates and details.

We have not forgotten our Great Escape Evening!  If you would like to join our escape team, let us know and we will work within everyone’s schedule.  Our Plan is to also dine in a nice restaurant after or before the game.  Let us know now and we will set up a couple dates.

Karaoke anyone?  Let us know if you have interest and we will plan an evening very soon!

Have a Great Summer and Stay Cool!

The Board of the TLC.



Sat. June 10th 2017 our summer begins with our happy hour resuming!
It’s Country Western Night!
Entertainment by Art Bivins
food, two raffles and fun!
6 pm to 8 pm
7710 SW 59th Ave
South Miami, FL 33143


Sat. July 15th 2017
Musical Guest: Miss. Clarissa Humm
food, two raffles and fun!
6pm to 8pm
7710 SW 59th Ave
South Miami, FL 33143

Great Escape Event TBA


Election Party/Presentation of Charity Checks/
Musical Guests: Charter Flight!
food,two raffles and fun!
7710 SW 59th Ave
South Miami, FL 33143

Broward Event TBA


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