Happy Labor Day.

Autumn is upon us and with a bit of luck the long hot summer will soon be in the past. However, we know the events will never cool down in TLC.

First off we must give a big thank you to our past President, Sean Beck who watched over our club for the past 7 years I doubt anyone will ever serve as president for as long as you did.  Under his watching the club became much more financially stable and our events grew substantially. Now we turn to a new era.  Our 4th TLC President, Nancy Kavanaugh, brings so much to our club and the board is super excited to see where she leads us.over the next 12 months.  One thing Nancy wants to see for TLC is more emphasis on the “T” for theater.  Already we are looking at getting a group together in Spring for Pirates of Penzance! Please let us know now if you are interested.   In October, we will be having an Octoberfest event at the American Legion Hall in South Miami.  There is a $10 cost and this will be in place of our monthly happy hour for the month of October.

However, first up is our Sept. Happy Hour set for this Sat. Sept. the 9th (Stay away Irma!)  Join the TLC for an evening with Mr. James Woolwine which includes a free buffet for all TLC members, raffles and fun!

And now a message from our new TLC President:

To all of my fellow TLC members,

Most of you already know me. I’m Nancy Kavanaugh and was elected President of our club last month.I’ve been a member for over 13 years.I plan to help keep TLC on the path it’s been on under the wonderful leadership of Richard Webster,Sean Beck and the other TLC board members.As the new President I’d like to see more events in a variety of locations. Our members are spread out through several cities in  Miami-Dade and Broward County.It’s been a running joke among some members that it’s been a long time since the TheaterLovers Community  has actually been to the theater. I’d love for us to get together and attend at least one play or musical by the end of this year.
I would also like to see more input from the TLC members on what they’d like to do as a group. That would be a great help to me and the
other board members. You can e-mail me at:
winpoohgirl@yahoo.com or continue to e-mail Richard Webster at rsisbest@yahoo.com

Hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming fall events.


Sat. Sept. 9th 2017
American Legion Post #31
7710 SW 59th Ave
Sept. Happy Hour
Free buffet, raffles and
The Music of Mr. James Woolwine

Sat. Oct. 7th 2017
5pm- 8pm
Octoberfest Party
COST:$10 includes German dinner,
Music by Mr. Art Bivins
Raffles and fun!

We have not forgotten our ESCAPE NIGHT!
However, we still need more people for a team!
Please email your interest.


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