I hope life has returned back to normal since our battle with Irma.  We wish to thank everyone who came out to our rescheduled Happy Hour event in Sept.  It was actually well attended and helped us start the process of returning to normalcy!  As we push into October and the holiday season, we have several great events planned.  As our new President, Nancy has stated, one thing we wish to do in the 2017-2018 season of TLC is make an effort to get back to our roots so to speak and experience some local “Theater”.  We have listed the first of what we hope will be several great events over the course of the year below.  This one is quite a bit down the road so expect others sooner but we will get a group together for “Pirates of Penzance” in April.  As we get a bit closer, we will select a date…for now take a look at the run dates for the show and PLEASE email your interest so that we can have a great event!  We have listed several other events below as well including our Holiday Party.  Remember that your renewal is most likely due at the holiday party.  If you have any question as to your renewal date…simply respond to this email and it will be checked.

We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at our future events


The Board of the TLC


Sat. Oct. 7th 2017
5pm- 8pm
Octoberfest Party
COST:$10 includes German dinner,
Music by Mr. Art Bivins
Raffles and fun!


Happy Hour Sat. Nov. 4th. 2017
FREE for TLC members/$4 non members.
Music by James Woolwine
Raffles and Fun!


Holiday Party Sat. Dec. 9th 2017
Cost: Membership Renewal if due/. Guests $12
Wonderful Italian Dinner
Musical Guests: of Charter Flight!
Raffles and Fun!


Pirates of Penzance
Music by Arthur Sullivan
Book and Lyrics by W.S. Gilbert
April 19 – 28 2018

Prepare to set sail off the coast of Cornwall with the swashbuckling Pirates of Penzance! Frederic has earned his dues as the pirates’ apprentice waiting to be promoted to full pirate-dom on his 21st birthday, but upon discovery that he is a leap year baby born on February 29th, it seems he may never get the chance. This roaring comedy, one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most famous works, gets a fresh interpretation on the Ring stage.

We have not forgotten our ESCAPE NIGHT!
However, we still need more people for a team!
Please email your interest.


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