The Theater Lovers Community was founded to support the Local arts in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.
The club was formed in July of 2003.
The original founders of the organization were:


Richard S.WebsterPresident2003-2004
Lisa WalkowitzVice President2003-2004
Jose AlcarazTreasurer2003-2004
Eddie de la PortillaSecretary2003-2004
Ed Rahn (deceased)PR2003-2004
Janay HarrisonSocial2003-2004

There were just 33 founding members in our first year.


Our board stayed the same the next year except for the loss of our dear friend Ed Rahn.

Richard S.WebsterPresident2004-2005
Lisa WalkowitzVice President2004-2005
Jose AlcarazTreasurer2004-2005
Eddie de la PortillaSecretary2004-2005
Andrea FloydPR2004-2005
Janay HarrisonSocial2004-2005

The club performed the original show “Who Killed the Director”

2005 season

2005 had our clubs first contested elections. Our membership had grown slowly to 53.

Richard S.WebsterPresident2005-2006
Lisa WalkowitzVice President2005-2006
Jose AlcarazTreasurer2005-2006
Eddie de la PortillaSecretary2005-2006
Andrea FloydPR2005-2006
Nancy KananaughSocial2005-2006

The club performed “Dinner with Dustin”

2006 season

The leadership changes to our clubs 2nd President. Richard Webster becomes the clubs first Chairman of the Board.

Lisa WalkowitzPresident2006-2007
Amy TraegerVice President2006-2007
Jose AlcarazTreasurer2006-2007
Eddie de la PortillaSecretary2006-2007
Ernesto MartinezPR2006-2007
Kevin CerinoSocial2006-2007
Richard S.WebsterChairman2006-2007

Talent Show Winners:
1st The American Vocal Quartet
2nd Sigma Alpha Tau UofM Music fraternity
3rd Mr. Shannon Simon Comic

2007 Season

Lisa WalkowitzPresident2007-2008
Katie ScafettiVice President2007-2008
Jose AlcarazTreasurer2007-2008
Eddie de la PortillaSecretary2007-2008
Lucero RevillaPR2007-2008
Mathew Taggart (deceased)Social2007-2008
Richard S.WebsterChairman2007-2008

Talent Show Winners:
1st Dara and Danyelle Homer
2nd Diva Laurie
3rd  Kevin Johnson

2008 Season

The 2008 season saw the club reach its highest membership with over 70 members and growing!

Lisa WalkowitzPresident2008-2009
Eddie de La PortillaVice President2008-2009
Jose AlcarazTreasurer2008-2009
Fabian ColeSecretary2008-2009
Lucero RevillaPR2008-2009
Sean BeckSocial2008-2009
Richard S.WebsterChairman2008-2009

Talent Show Winners:
1st Wendy Whitney
2nd (tie) Diva Laurie
2nd (tie) Ashley Abbott

2009 Season

Lisa WalkowitzPresident2009-2010
Eddie de La PortillaVice President2009-2010
Jose AlcarazTreasurer2009-2010
Kevin CerinoSecretary2009-2010
Lucero RevillaPR2009-2010
Sean BeckSocial2009-2010
Richard S.WebsterChairman2009-2010

Talent Show Winners:
1st  CJ Fam
2nd Alexis Lemme tied Clarissa Humm
3rd Diva Laurie

2010 Season

Sean BeckPresident2010-2011
Kevin CerinoVice President2010-2011
Jose AlcarazTreasurer2010-2011
Lyssette AlmansaSecretary2010-2011
Elvira DuenasPR2010-2011
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2011
Lisa WalkowitzChairwoman2010-2011

Talent Show Winners:

1st Amy Alvarado
2nd PJ Richards
3rd Nia Devine

2011 Season

Sean BeckPresident2010-2012
Kevin CerinoVice President2010-2012
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2012
Lyssette AlmansaSecretary2010-2012
Georgina MarrerroPR2011-2012
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2012
Lisa WalkowitzChairwoman2010-2012

Talent Show Winners:

1st  Anielya Wells-Miller
2nd  Rodriego Martinez  and Diana Rodriguez
3rd  Kirkland Bodie

2012 Season

Sean BeckPresident2010-2013
Kevin CerinoVice President2010-2013
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2013
Mike MartinezSecretary2012-2013
Georgina MarrerroPR2011-2013
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2013
Lisa WalkowitzChairwoman2010-2013

Talent Show Winners:

1st Natasha Viloria
2nd John Morris
3rd Laurie Klugmen

2013-14 Season

Sean BeckPresident2010-2014
Kevin CerinoVice President2010-2014
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2014
Mike MartinezSecretary2012-2014
Santiago BrenllaPR2014
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2014
Lisa WalkowitzChairwoman2010-2014

Talent Show Winners:

1st Anielya Wells-Miller
2nd John Morris
3rd Jessica Wimberly

2014-15 Season

Sean BeckPresident2010-2015
Kevin CerinoVice President2010-2015
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2015
Nancy KavanaghSecretary2014-2015
Santiago BrenllaPR2014-2015
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2015
Lisa WalkowitzChairwoman2010-2015

Talent Show Winners:

1st Place Victoria Lee
2nd Place Jessica Wimberly
3rd Place John Morris

2015-16 Season

Sean BeckPresident2010-2016
Kevin CerinoVice President2010-2016
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2016
Nancy KavanaghSecretary2014-2016
Santiago BrenllaPR2014-2016
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2016
Lisa Walkowitz CerinoChairwoman2010-2016

Talent Show Winners:

1st Place James Woolwine
1st Place Tie Patricia Richards
2nd Place Kayla Hugue

2016-17 Season

Nancy KavanaughPresident2017
Lisa Walkowitz CerinoVice President2017
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2017
Elvira DuenasSecretary2017
Santiago BrenllaPR2014-2017
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2017
Sean BeckChairman2017

Talent Show Winners:

1st Anielya Wells-Miller
2nd Place Clarissa Humm
3rd Place James Woolwine and PJ Richards

2017-18 Season

Nancy KavanaughPresident2017-2018
Lisa Walkowitz CerinoVice President2017-2018
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2018
Elvira DuenasSecretary2017-2018
Santiago BrenllaPR2014-2018
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2018
Sean BeckChairman2017-2018

Talent Show Winners:

1st Place Clarissa Humm
2nd Place Viergenie Geneus
3rd Place Jimit

2018-19 Season

Nancy KavanaughPresident2017-2019
Lisa Walkowitz CerinoVice President2017-2019
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2019
John MorrisSecretary2019
Santiago BrenllaPR2014-2019
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2019
Sean BeckChairman2017-2019

2019-20 Season

Nancy KavanaughPresident2017-2020
Lisa Walkowitz CerinoVice President2017-2020
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2020
John MorrisSecretary2019-2020
Santiago BrenllaPR2014-2020
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2020
Sean BeckChairman2017-2020

2020-21 Season

Nancy KavanaughPresident2017-2021
Lisa Walkowitz CerinoVice President2017-2021
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2021
John MorrisSecretary2019-2021
Santiago BrenllaPR2014-2021
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2021
Sean BeckChairman2017-2021

2021-22 Season

Nancy KavanaughPresident2017-2022
Lisa Walkowitz CerinoVice President2017-2022
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2022
John MorrisSecretary2019-2022
Santiago BrenllaPR2014-2022
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2022
Sean BeckChairman2017-2022

2022-23 Season

Nancy KavanaughPresident2017-2023
Lisa Walkowitz CerinoVice President2017-2023
Ernie MartinezTreasurer2010-2023
John MorrisSecretary2019-2023
Eddie de La PortillaPR2023
Richard S. WebsterSocial2010-2023
Sean BeckChairman2017-2023

Theater Lovers Community Spirit Award

The TLC Spirit award is given to a deserving middle school student who has excelled in the arts.  He/She must also be a strong student and have exceptional conduct.  The student receives a plaque as well as a $50 check.

Past Winners:

Caitlin Ryan 2008
Jessica Darrow 2009
David Scherker 2010
Taylor Davis 2011
Danielle Navarette 2012
Ginger Grande 2013
Christina Bernadotte 2014
Danielle Yablonka 2015
Rafael Collado 2016
Gisel Dominguez 2017
Karina Tejera 2018
Addison Stone 2019
Ikponwonsa Osaghae 2020
Sienna Santiago 2021
Logan Mondell 2022
Christina Pelaez 2023